Louismill Partner Restaurants

Louismill Partner Restaurants

Since beginning Louismill, our milling operation, we have had the pleasure of breaking bread with some of the best chefs in Kentucky and the surrounding area. Many of these amazing chefs have tried our products and have fallen in love with them as much as we have. These chefs all desire to highlight local farmers making a difference in organic and sustainable farming in Kentucky. By partnering with Louismill, each of these restaurants is standing up for small organic farmers across the United States. The success of our organic farmers is made possible through the efforts of these amazing chefs and establishments. Below is a list of all of our current restaurant partners for Louismill. Some of these establishments use our organic, stone milled grits and others use our artisan bread flours, but all of them love the flavor and care in each of our specialty milled products.

Louisville Partner Restaurants

Lexington Restaurants

Owensboro partner Restaurants

Cincinnati partner Restaurants



 What are chefs saying about louismill products?

“Bread becomes less of a fluffy filler and more of a nourishing staple that it once was before industrialized processes came along. Louismill is starting to bridge the gap in our local food system and has the potential to bring grains back to our community that possess integrity,” – Sarah Owens, BK17 Bakery


“Once you try it, you don’t go back.” – Jonathan Searle, Executive Chef at Lockbox, 21C Lexington


“[Louismill’s] were maybe the best grits I’ve had in my life.” – Ryan Rogers, Owner of Feast BBQ & Royals Hot Chicken