What People are Saying About Louismill Organic Products

What People are Saying About Louismill Organic Products

Whether it is a chef, home cook or artisan baker, our stone-milled organic products are easy to fall in love with. Made with only the best heritage grains, we take pride and care in the products that we provide to restaurants and homes around the United States. Here are just a few of the things that people have said about our stone milled organic flour and corn products:

Louismill organic flour

“Tom Edwards is doing something extraordinary with Louismill & MozzaPi in Louisville, Kentucky. I am so grateful I had four whole hours to do a presentation with him before the IACP conference…” Read More

– Amy Halloran, Author of The New Bread Basket

“When you bite into a Louismill loaf, the crust rips with a satisfying tear. Inside, a pillowy crumb melts in your mouth. That is just the texture, while his loaves range from the salty garlic heaven of the best focaccia I ever tasted to the satisfying depth and crunch of his country loaf. Bran muffins baked from his fresh-milled bran, a byproduct of the flour, fall apart in the mouth like buttery, moist cake.”

Jere Downs, Courier-Journal Food Writer

“Bread becomes less of a fluffy filler and more of a nourishing staple that it once was before industrialized processes came along. Louismill is starting to bridge the gap in our local food system and has the potential to bring grains back to our community that possess integrity,”

Sarah Owens, Artisan Baker & Owner of BK17 Bakery

“We’ve tried each of his suggestions and he hits it right on the mark each time. I’d like to say which particular loaf was my favorite, but every bread has been a favorite in some way or form.”

– Chris Boone, Community Bread Share Participant


louismill organic grits

“[Tom’s] is an outstanding product, just beautiful stuff.”

– Tim Smith, Executive Chef at Crescent Hill Craft House

“Tom’s were maybe the best grits I’ve had in my life.”

– Ryan Rogers, Owner of Feast BBQ & Royals Hot Chicken

“Once you try it, you don’t go back.”

– Jonathan Searle, Executive Chef at Lockbox, 21C Lexington

“Louismill makes the freshest of products, milling and packaging grains for shipment in the same week. The wheat flour, pastry flour, grits (city & country), cornbread mix, cookies mixes are all hand crafted. We had a spectacular meal of breads, grits, pizzas (MozzaPi) and a smoky s’more.  The English Muffin was the best I have ever put in my mouth, made with sourdough starter. Just second to the Rosemary Foccacia that had more holes than anything I have witnessed.”

– Gina Bell, Food Consultant & Pastry Chef, GinaBell.com


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