An Introduction to Heritage Grains: Heritage Corn Grits

An Introduction to Heritage Grains: Heritage Corn Grits

In continuing with our Introduction to Heritage Grains series, we will further highlight some of the grains that we have decided to use for our Louismill stone milled flour and grits. Today we are going to focus on our milled corn products, specifically the Southern treat of grits. We will outline why our organic corn, sourced from right here in Kentucky, is perfect for use in grits. We will also discuss what differentiates our stone milled, Kentucky Proud grits from other products on the market. Finally, we will highlight our effort to impact numerous Kentucky farmers and their communities through the use of their organic grains and corn within our milled products.

Our Mission with Louismill Grits

Rather than supplying our organic grains and corn from only one farm, we choose to diversify our impact through the use of numerous farmers across the US. Although we focus on finding farmers within Kentucky, we seek to assist our farmers across the United States in transitioning from traditional farming to organic farming. We believe that this will have a massive impact on communities and the local ecosystems through increased water and soil quality on our organic farms. By paying our farmers a fair price for their grains and corn, we also seek to equip our farmers with the opportunities to grow and sustain their small business. Our efforts have already shown success in communities around Kentucky and we hope to expand to more farms within the coming year.

Why Louismill Organic Heritage Corn is Superior

We only use organic stock dried dent corn, which preserves flavor and sweetness. Corn is a living grain, which is why we choose to stonemill our products at a low speed with the germ intact. This helps protect the nutritional value within our products and the natural enzymatic properties of a living grain like corn. These factors produce a more flavorful grit than commodity-grade products, which requires less work on the part of chefs to mask the lack of flavor found in lower quality products.

Why our Louismill Smoked Grits Make all the Difference

Our signature products at Louismill are our Smoked Grits and Original Smoked Cornbread Mix, which add the complexity of a smokey flavor to our already delicious grits. Through a proprietary smoking process, we have pioneered a new fashion of grits that has been well received at restaurants around Louisville. We find that our smoked products that the use of fats and cheeses within recipes can be reduced significantly. In most cases, no additional additives are needed in order to create a perfectly flavored grit dish.

Our Louismill Heritage Corn Grit Products

All of our flours and grits are packaged under the name Louismill and come from ancient grains which are sustainably farmed and organically grown. We want nothing less for ourselves and would want nothing less for any of our customers. All Louismill products can be purchased at our Online Store. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you the difference that heritage grains can make and please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss purchasing our flour or corn for your restaurant or commercial enterprise.