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We firmly believe that organic farming can change lives here in Kentucky. That’s why we are committed to only sourcing the best possible grains and corn for our stone milled flour and grits, including our signature Kentucky Proud Smoked Grits and our highly sought after Louismill Heritage Turkey Red Wheat Flour. As a part of this commitment, we are focused on creating a sustainable system for our diverse organic farmers across Kentucky. This includes paying them a tenable price for their raw grains, one that is high enough for them to support their families without making sacrifices with their products. We are also focused on making personal connections with the families that provide us with our organic products. This means regularly visiting with our Kentucky-based purveyors to ensure that the quality of our products and the happiness of our farmers is always at the highest level.

We Expect Organic Farming to Change Kentucky

Our mission is to change the lives of our customers and our providers through practices that sustain the health and happiness of everyone who is involved. We want to stay constantly aware of how we can responsibly use our finances through Louismill to impact communities across Kentucky, including those surrounding the amazing organic farmers that we partner with. We know that we can never do enough to support the people around us that need it most. However, we hope to make incremental changes as we grow to further invest in meaningful and impactful initiatives like these.


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Organic Farms

There are many different ways that supporting an organic farmer can affect a community. Giving farmers a chance to support their families by doing something that they love, without making sacrifices with regards to GMOs and increased use of pesticides, is one of those ways. We plan on doing this through a variety of processes:

Paying Organic Farmers an Equitable Wage

We have talked to farmers across the state that are passionate about switching to organic, sustainable farming. However, many are unable to do so because of the low prices that they are being offered by distributors. This is one of the reasons that we are committed to paying our organic farmers a livable wage, which can sometimes be double their regular tonnage price for their products. Although it takes additional time and effort, we believe that these sorts of pledges are the most responsible ways for us to invest our finances and time.

Putting Organic Farmers and their Families First

One of the most eye-opening experiences that we have been able to take part in thus far is a trip that we took in late 2015 to Liberty, KY. We had the pleasure of meeting a group of Amish farmers who were interested in partnering with us to grow organic corn and grains. A commitment on our part to support this venture meant more to these people than we would have expected. By creating a system in which these farmers can get an equitable price for their product, we were able to help them sustain their farms and families.

Each farmer explained to us that this sort of partnership would allow them the opportunity to spend more time with their families during the agricultural off-season. Regularly they would need to take a job away from their farm, but this venture meant that they could sustain themselves throughout the winter. All of the families said that they now had more time to spend raising their children to be “healthy, happy, hard-working, well adjusted” members of the community. Not only would the additional capital allow them to expand their farmers and provide for their families, it would also allow them to invest even more time into their children.

Keeping a Global Perspective

This sort of impact goes far beyond the walls of our millhouse and signifies the meaningful impact that we can make through our organic, stone ground flour and grits. Giving back to the people that support us is central to what we are doing at Louismill, MozzaPi & The Artisan Bread School. If this message resonates with you, we hope that you join us in supporting organic farmers throughout the nation and you can always contact us regarding partnerships through the phone number listed below.


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