Louismill Anchorage Farmers Market


Farmer's Market

Organic Vendors, Every Saturday Starting May 13th, 2017

What to Expect

Each Week

Starting in 2016, we launched an Anchorage Farmers Market at our location on La Grange Rd (MAP IT). The farmers market runs from 8am to noon every Saturday and highlights many of the amazing organic farmers and artisans in the area. Within our own restaurant and bakery, we seek to bring our customers only the best organic, non-GMO flours and grits. We spend countless hours scrutinizing our organic grain providers in order to find only the highest quality products for our stone mill. So when we started planning an Anchorage Farmers Market, we obviously wanted to partner with only the best organic farmers and food purveyors that we could find. Our belief that sustainable farming can change lives and communities is seen in the fact that our farmers market focuses highly on organic farmers and those who sell organically and sustainably-made foods and products. Whether you need to pick out produce and baked items for a delicious weekday dinner or a fun picnic in Anchorage Park, this Farmers Market is a definite must see.

Each of our farmers and artisans is required to meet strict guidelines for their products in order to ensure that we are providing our customers with only the best items. These requirements include a market-wide labeling system to tell consumers about what is in their purchases. This includes information on the mandatory minimum 80% organic and/or local, sustainably-sourced ingredients in each product. All market vendors will have also completed a required site visit from the Louismill Anchorage Farmers Market team to ensure best practices from all farmers and artisans. Many of the products that we feature at our farmers market will also be items that we highlight in our restaurant, MozzaPi. We wouldn’t want to have a product at our farmers market that we wouldn’t consume ourselves.


Anchorage Farmers Market Heirloom Lettuce from Swanberry Farm

Meet Our Farmer’s Market Vendors

Organic Famers

and Artisans


Swanberry Farms Greens

Elmwood Stock Farm Organic Radishes

Valley Spirit Farm Organic Vegetables

Elmwood Stock Farms Organic Produce

Anchorage Farmers Market Quail Eggs from Swanberry Farm

Meet our

Farmers & Vendors

We seek to maintain a small number of high-quality organic farmers and local artisans at our Anchorage Farmers Market. By focusing on individuals who are sourcing high-quality ingredients and organic produce, we hope to expose more people to the amazing farmers and artisan around the city of Louisville. Every Saturday, we will have a consistent group of purveyors who will be selling organic produce, delicious baked goods and other delectable treats, perfect for taking on a stroll or picnic in Anchorage Park. We will also have many of your favorite baked goods and Louismill products available for sale inside and outside of our cafe. Below is a list of all the artisans and farmers who will be joining us each week at the Anchorage Farmers Market.

  • Louismill – We will be onsite selling a variety of items that can be found in our upcoming brick-and-mortar. These items included delicious baked goods and artisan breads made with our milled organic grains, as well as cold brewed coffee, organic iced tea, and other specialty items from our restaurant. We will also have bagged Louismill flour and stone milled grits for purchase.
  • Elmwood Stock Farm – Elmwood Stock Farm is owned and operated by a multigenerational Kentucky family who has been farming in the region for over six generations. Elmwood’s 375-acre of prime Bluegrass farmland, location in Scott County, is now a diversified operation that includes several types of farming enterprises. The family farmers at Elmwood are committed to healthy and wholesome production of superior, high quality fresh farm products. Their organic certification ensures that they are following safe and sustainable practices every day of the year. Elwood Stock Farm will be providing the Anchorage Farmers Market with organic vegetables, USDA certified beef chicken, turkey and lamb, organic eggs, jarred tomato items, and
  • Valley Spirit Farm – Valley Spirit Farm is a two-family farm located in Henry County, Kentucky. They are dedicated to growing nutritionally dense, chemical free and ecologically responsible food.  By empowering their families to steward the earth, they strive to enrich their lives, their community and your dinner table.  Valley Spirit Farm currently offers diversified vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and a selection of fruits, berries and mushrooms.
  • Rootbound Farm – At Rootbound Farm we strive to grow high quality certified-organic produce  and grass-fed lamb for our local community in a manner that is environmentally and economically sustainable.  We work to incorporate the newest understanding of balanced soils, organic pest and disease control, management intensive grazing, and modern farm equipment alongside the patience and humbled listening that has informed sustainable farmers for generations.  Our ultimate goal is to create a regenerative and resilient farming system that supports and builds biodiversity, positively influences soil, air, and water quality, has a net-negative carbon ouput, and produces phenomenally healthy and delicious food.  We are far from the destination but the journey has begun!


Guest Vendors

Sometimes organic farmers and artisans can only commit to a few weeks a season. So we decided early on in our planning of the Anchorage Farmers Market that we would leave at least one spot open each week for a guest farmer or artisan baker. These organic farmers and artisans will bring a variety of products to our market and will adhere to the same requirements as our full-time vendors. This means that when you see something that strikes your interest, be sure to stock up on as much as you can carry. We cannot wait to share with you some of the amazing things our special guest vendors have in store for you. From treats to eats, these vendors have what you need for an amazing weekend picnic in Anchorage Park or an inspired weekday dinner recipe. Take a look at who will be coming to our Anchorage Farmers Market this year and be sure to check our schedule below for dates when each of our guests will be at the market. If you would like to book a spot for yourself, please email us and we will be happy to provide you with the Anchorage Farmers Market standards and discuss a potential guest spot date.

  • Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop – Sugar Mamas is a unique Louisville bakery with a passion for detail and creativity! You’ll see and taste our dedication to quality in everything they bake. Each order is made from scratch and guaranteed to be the perfect treat to sweeten your day! Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop will have delicious treats such as cookies, cupcakes and cake balls.
  • Stone Cottage Embroidery – Begun shortly after she retired in 2009, Stone Cottage Embroidery has been a labor of love for Lucy Spickard. Every stitch is done with care and we know that you will just adore the items that she will be bringing to the Anchorage Farmers Market. Stone Cottage Embroidery will have several items available for sale at different times throughout the course of our market, including kitchen towels, reusable grocery totes and chef’s aprons. Each of these items can either be purchased at the market or custom ordered for delivery at the following week’s market.
  • True North Catering – A business born out of a love for delicious food, True North Catering is a Louisville-based personal chef and catering service. True North specializes in customized menu options for people of all dietary needs. At our Anchorage Farmers Market, True North will be providing a variety of gluten-free bakery items, including peanut butter cookies, chocolate brownie clusters and various muffins. All of their items will be made using at least 80% organic ingredients, and will be guaranteed to please, even if you aren’t gluten-free.


cookie eating

Swanberry Farms Lettuce

Valley Spirit Farms Cows