An Introduction to Heritage Grains

In our Introduction to Heritage Grains posts, we will be exploring the different varieties of Heritage and Ancient Grains that we mill at Louismill. We pride ourselves on seeking out the best ingredients for our flours and grits. This means that we choose to only use organic, heritage grains in our products. You don’t have to have extensive experience in agriculture to taste the difference, but hopefully this series of posts will give you a little more background knowledge on the products you consume.

Heritage grains, specifically heritage wheat, are the technical term for the varieties of grains that were grown before the rise of GMOs in the mid-1900’s. Heritage wheat is grown in different varietals throughout the United States and yields a more flavorful and nutritious crop than the genetically modified wheat that many consumers are used to. Most modern wheat is derived from a crossbreeding of different types of wheat in order to increase yield and artificially produce resistance to pests and diseases. Because of the structure of these modified grains, they require the use of numerous fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers in order to optimize the yield and profits for farmers. Heritage wheat, by comparison, are cultivated from year to year using the same strain of wheat berry which can be traced back hundreds of years to a single origin point.

The differences between these two types of grains do not stop there. Emerging research into the differences between these heritage grains and our modern strains of GMO grains have pointed to stark differences in gluten development and protein content. Many research institutions have found that not only are modern varieties of wheat less nutritious, but they contain different gluten structures which are more difficult for wheat-intolerant people to digest.  Several ongoing studies are also looking to the correlation between the rise in gluten-intolerance and the increase in consumption of genetically modified wheat.

About Louismill Heritage Grain Flours and Grits

As we were thinking through the intentions and mission behind Louismill and MozzaPi as a brand, we kept coming back to the idea that we are advocates for our consumers. That is why, in all good conscience, we have chosen to align ourselves with ingredients that have providence and are respected in their cultivation and harvest. We want to provide our consumers with consistent experience which is both memorable and unique and we have realized that we are unable to do that without pursuing increased usage of heritage grains in our recipes. This has led us to partner with several farms across Kentucky in order to locally source our organic wheat, rye and corn. We also hope to expand our offerings early next year with the addition of organic spelt, rice and other grains.

All of our flours and grits are packaged under the name Louismill and come from ancient grains which are sustainably farmed and organically grown. We want nothing less for ourselves and would want nothing less for any of our customers. All Louismill products can be purchased at our Online Store. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you the difference that heritage grains can make and please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss purchasing our flour or corn for your restaurant or commercial enterprise.