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At Louismill, we believe in sourcing only the highest quality wheat, corn and rice for our stone ground flour and grits. This means supporting local farmers through personal relationships and dedicated partnerships. We only use non-GMO, organic grains for all of our products, because we believe that quality should be the determining factor in every product we create. These rigorous standards mean a higher quality, more nutritious product for our consumers and a more sustainable agricultural venture for our Kentucky farmers.

We are committed to our farmers and customers in every way possible and believe that personal connections to products are what make the difference. Our stone ground flour and grits are all sourced from local farmers in a manner that provides sustainability for their families and communities. We purposefully diversify our farmer groups in order to increase the impact of our stone ground flour and grits on communities across Kentucky and the United States. Organic, stone ground products can make a difference on people lives, not just their general health.



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Organic Stone Milled Flour and Grits

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From many reasons, organic stone milled flour is the only option for the highest quality bakers and chefs. Traditional flour and grits contain almost no nutritional value, but stone milled flour and grits preserve many of the benefits that ancient civilizations enjoyed from their meals and bread. Our organic Louismill stone milled whole wheat flour contains more vitamins, protein and minerals then traditional store bought flour. It also has no chemical additives and has not been irradiated, which cannot be said of commercial brands of flour.

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Being a Louisville-based bakery and stone mill, we believe in supporting our community and local economy. That’s why we only source our ancient grains and corn from local organic farmers who are committed to sustainable agriculture and non-GMO crops. Putting a premium on connecting with our Kentucky farmers means that we can guarantee the best materials for our flours and grits, including hard winter wheat, spelt, corn, rye and soft white wheat. As a Kentucky Proud company, we are committed to growing the local agricultural community in Louisville and the surrounding area through a focus on sustainable organic farming. Our belief is that stone ground flour and grits can change more than just people’s health, it can change their community.


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Our desire is to increase the awareness in the United States regarding stone ground, organic products and their nutritional benefits. We know from experience that freshly milled flour and grits make a tremendous difference for bakers and chefs of every skill level. That is why each purchase that is placed with us at Louismill is milled to order and shipped to your door. If you are close to our location in Louisville, KY and would like to pick your order up in person, please let us know after you place your order. We will modify any shipping costs in order to reflect this free pick up option.

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